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Fecundity of the blotched picarel, Spicara maena (Linnaeus, 1758) from Oran Bay (Western Mediterranean Sea)

Fatiha Dalouche, Lotfi Bensahla Talet, Ahmed Bensahla Talet, Sidi Mohamed El Amine Abi Ayad


The fecundity of the blotched picarel Spicara maena from the western Mediterranean (Oran Bay) was assessed by the volumetric method. Total length (TL) of studied females varied between 91 and 140 mm (mean ± SD: 111.9 ± 10.6 mm). Estimates of total potential annual fecundity varied from 16,750 to 28,125 oocytes per individual (mean ± SD: 21,404.7± 2,698.8). Relationships between total potential fecundity (F) and TL, total weight, gonad weight were established using the multiplicative regression model and a high significant correlation was found in all the cases.


Blotched picarel; Spicara maena; Sparidae; fecundity; Oran Bay


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