New record of the flasher scorpionfish, Scorpaenopsis macrochir Ogilby, 1910 (Scorpaeniformes, Scorpaenidae) from Indian waters

Muddula Krishna Naranji, Govinda Rao Velamala, Sujatha Knadula


Based on two specimens of the flasher scorpionfish, species of Scorpaenopsis macrochir Ogilby, 1910 (85-96 mm, TL) collected from the Visakhapatnam coastal waters, India, we described S. macrochir as the new record from Indian waters. This species is characterized by having 12 dorsal spines, medial surface of pectoral fins with a black subterminal band along entire margin of fin; supraorbital spine ending in a single spinous point and unserrated ocular spines. Nasal spines usually divided into two to six small points. The present study describes full description of the species with illustration.


New record; flasher scorpionfish; Scorpaenopsis macrochir; Scorpaenidae; India

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