Behaviour of fourteen exotic ornamental fishes of Bangladesh under starved condition in aquaria

ABM Mohsin, Roni Chandra Mondal


The behaviour of fourteen exotic ornamental fishes of Bangladesh under starved condition in aquaria was experimented from January to December, 2011. Fishes were belonging to 13 genera, 09 families and 4 orders. Two treatments each with three replications were used. Four different behavioural phases of fish were monitored through constant observation. Almost all the behavioural phases were seen earlier in the fishes of treatment T1. Marble angel survived more (1022±4.02 hrs; T2) than others. The lowest survival period (116±2.44 hrs; T1) was seen for albino suckermouth. Fishes were died earlier in T1 than T2, due to presence or absence of aeration facilities. Water temperature, dissolved oxygen, free CO2, pH, total alkalinity, ammonia-nitrogen and chlorine level were found to be varied from 25.66±0.17 to 28.66±0.35°C, 3.80±0.06 to 4.73±0.07 mg/l, 9.21±0.05 to 11.75±0.03 mg/l, 7.13±0.05 to 7.47±0.07, 76.66±1.64 to 108.92±3.20 mg/l, 0.0010±0.0006 to 0.0133±0.002 mg/l and 0.0045±0.001 to 0.012±0.0014 mg/l, respectively. The research findings would be helpful in gathering basic knowledge on different behavioural phases through which aquarists can maintain primitive behavioural phase in their aquaria.  Further research work is suggested in the aforesaid theme massively.


Behaviour; water quality; ornamental fish; starved condition; aquaria

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