Phytoplankton diversity of the Gharni Reservoir in Latur district, Maharashtra, India

Vishwas Balasaheb Sakhare, Ashvini Dnyandeo Chalak


The phytoplanktonic samples were collected from the Gharni Reservoir of Latur district of Maharashtra for a period of one year, from June 2013 to May 2014. Totally 18 species of phytoplankton belonging to different taxonomic groups were identified. Among these 7 species belong to Chlorophyceae, 5 species to Cyanophyceae, 3 species to Bacillariophyceae and 3 species to Euglenophyceae. The phytoplankton productivity fluctuated seasonally and the maximum number of 560 units/liter was recorded during month of February and March and minimum number of 95 units/liter during the month of September.


Phytoplankton diversity; seasonal variations; Gharni Reservoir; Maharashtra

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