Journal of Fisheries

Edited by: Professor M Nazrul Islam

Online ISSN: 2311-3111
Print ISSN: 2311-729X




Vol 6, No 2 (2018): Early View papers

Papers published online without actual page numbers which will be updated later.

More papers will be added here until completion of the issue.

Table of Contents

Original Articles

. Ahmadi
Olaniyi Alaba Olopade, Henry Eyina Dienye
Norhidayah Mohd Taufek, Khanom Simarani, Hasniyati Muin, Firdaus Aspani, Ameenat Abiodun Raji, Zazali Alias, Shaharudin Abdul Razak

Short Communications

Nevya Thakkar, Kangkan Jyoti Sarma, Pradeep C Mankodi
James Michael Wood