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Journal of Fisheries Vol 3 Iss 3 Dec 2015 Journal of Fisheries is an Open Access Journal publishing the double blind peer–reviewed research papers in all fields of Fisheries. Journal of Fisheries publishes Original Articles, Review Articles and Short communications on the house. This journal functions as an excellent platform which focuses on discourse in the field of Fisheries. All manuscripts shall be peer reviewed and selection shall be based on the strength of quality, originality, and contribution to knowledge.

Current Issue: Vol 3 Iss 3 Dec 2015

A list of published articles of the current issue is given below -

Vol 3, No 3 (2015): Journal of Fisheries

Table of Contents

Original Articles

Efficiency of fishing gears in the river Halda, Chittagong, Bangladesh PDF (832 KB)
Mohammad Arshad-Ul-Alam, Mohammad Ali Azadi 275-284
Fish fauna of the Brahmaputra River, Bangladesh: richness, threats and conservation needs PDF (427 KB)
Shams Muhammad Galib 285-292
Availability of pearl producing marine bivalves in south-eastern coast of Bangladesh and culture potentialities PDF (297 KB)
Md Ataur Rahman, Mohammed Rashed Parvej, Md Harunor Rashid, Md Enamul Hoq 293-296
Histo-morphology of the alimentary canal in two freshwater snakehead fish Channa punctata and Channa striata PDF (1.8 MB)
Mita Borman, Ismot Ara, Mohammad Kamrujjaman, Md Rafiqun Nabi 297-300


A review on Labeo calbasu (Hamilton) with an emphasis on its conservation PDF (158 KB)
Sandipan Gupta, Samir Banerjee 301-308


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